The Wash Box is a four stage filtration system designed to remove unwanted contaminants from water used for washing motorcycles, street bikes, custom and antique bikes, automobiles, hot rods, luxury and antique cars, RV’s, campers, boats, yachts and planes. These vehicles are adversely affected by contaminants that are present in most water sources, causing damage to the vehicle due to corrosion, electrolysis, and abrasion, thus resulting in higher out of pocket expenditures for repairs and/or refinishing.

Filter One:

Removes or greatly reduces, Chlorine(Cl), Chloramines, Ammonia(NH3), Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Iodine(I), Toluene, Benzene and much more. These chemicals can and will destroy paint and other finishes. They will also cause severe corrosion and breakdown rubber, cloth, synthetic rubber, and bushings, causing them to fail.

Filter Two:

Removes or greatly reduces, Iron (Fe), Hydrogen Sulfide ( H2S), Arsenic (As), Radium (Ra), Manganese (Mn), Barium (Ba), and much more. These contaminates will cause electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals coming in contact with each other which will destroy the vehicle over time. This filter also balances pH in the water and will not over correct it. This means you will no longer be washing your vehicle with acidic water.

Filter Three:

Removes all particles larger than one micron in size from the water, including: sand, silt sediment, dirt, oxidized iron ( FE+3), oxidized copper ( Cu+3), undisclosed calcium ( Ca), Undisclosed magnesium (Mg), Asbestos, Oils, turbidity and more. These contaminates will scratch and dull finishes, cause corrosion and electrolysis, get in hinges and bearings causing failure, and cause stains in fabrics and finishes.

Filter Four:

Eliminates water spots by softening and polishing the water by removing all ions such as Aluminum ( Al), Calcium (Ca), Copper (Cu), Hydrogen (H+), Iron (Fe), Magnesium (Mg), Mercury (Hg), Potassium (K), Silver (Ag), Sodium (Na), Ammonium (NH), Hydronium (Ho), Mercury (Hg2), Chloride (Ci), Fluoride (F), Hydroxide (OH), Nitrate (NO-3), Phosphate (PO3-4), Sulfate (SO2-4), Acetate (CHCOO), Formate (HCOO), Oxalate (CO2-4) and Cyanide (CN). The result is ultra pure water.