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The Wash Box comes in 4 sizes. The smallest one, WB-1.5 produces a water flow rate of 1 ½ gallons per minute utilizing a 10 psi regulator and is intended for washing motorcycles, cars or small boats. The next 2 sizes, WB-3T and WB-3S produce a water flow rate of 3 gallons per minute utilizing a 25 psi regulator and are intended for larger washing jobs (multiple vehicles and larger boats). NOTE:The flow rate is important because water needs to stay in contact with the filters for an appropriate amount of time in order to remove contaminants so that the water produced will be spot free.

The largest one, 6T produces a water flow rate of 6 gallons per minute and is intended for the largest jobs (including Yachts, RV’s)
All units are constructed with “starboard” and stainless steel parts to create the highest quality product on the market in order to last for years in harsh environments (i.e. – marine). The units are all portable and each one (except the WB-1.5) comes with wheels and stainless steel handles to make transporting easy for you.

Because all units use water pressure only, there is no need for an electrical hook up.
Each Wash Box unit comes with a test kit for hardness, iron and chlorine to determine when your filters need to be replaced. Filter replacement will vary depending on your water source, location in the U.S.; gallons of water used per wash and the size of Wash Box you purchase.