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Can I drink the water? No. Please do not drink this purified water that the Wash Box produces. Small amounts are not harmful, but because the water is purified through our 4 stage filtration system, it lacks vital minerals and nutrients that normal water contains and provides to the human body.

Can I plumb to the house or RV/Boat ? No. Please do not plumb directly to the house or potable RV/Boat water supply for the same reasons as outlined in “Can I drink the water”.

Where can I find information about water quality (i.e. hardness, alkalinity) in my area? You can visit the U S Geological Survey sight (www.USGS.gov) which provides information about water quality throughout the nation. Additionally there are Water Science Center located in each state as outlined on the USGS website.

Do I need to use a flow regulator? For three of our systems, the WB-1.5, WB 3T and WB-3S, we include a psi flow regulator that needs to be used so that the water stays in contact with the filters for an appropriate amount of time to remove contaminants so that water produced will spot free.

Do I need a special soap to use with the Wash Box? No, you can use the same soap you have previously used. In fact, you may even use less soap for each wash when filling your bucket with the purified water.

What is Electrolysis? Electrolysis occurs when dissimilar metals are in contact with a liquid electrolyte (a liquid that conducts electricity; i.e. water) between them and current flows when the vehicle is started. The result – Corrosion will occur and which metal corrodes first comes down to its position on Galvanic Table from least noble (easiest to corrode) to most noble (most resistant to corrosion). Example: Metals like zinc and aluminum are lower on the galvanic table and thus corrode the easiest; metals like stainless steel and nickel are much higher on the table and thus more resistant.

How does the WASH BOX work to prevent electrolysis from occurring? When washing a vehicle with normal tap water, even when it dries and water has evaporated, the residual left between the nuts,bolts,etc. contains minute particles of the metals normally found in water. When these metals come in contact with moisture (even humidity in the air) and the vehicle is started, electrolysis will occur and a corrosive action will take place. These metal particles may be more noble than the nuts & bolts and thus the corrosive action affects the nuts & bolts first. With the 4 stage filtration system of the Wash Box, we produce ultra pure water and these metals have been eliminated and thus it helps to avoid electrolysis.